The Henry Lee Society
THE genealogical society for Lee, Lea, Leigh, and similar surname research
New Stuff
We are continuing to build this website and adding new stuff periodically.  Notable new adds include: a copy of the recently adopted bylaws, a YDNA page, a link to all known YDNA data, a file manager system and some data files under it.
Welcome to The Henry Lee Society
The Henry Lee Society (HLS) is a genealogical organization devoted to the Lee and similar surnames.  We have open
membership and encourage you to join, becoming one of the largest and most devoted communities of researchers in
the world.  Membership advantages include invitation to the Annual Meeting, held at various points of interest in the
USA each spring, as well as access to the Members Only section of this website which includes databases of raw and
processed research, contact information for members, special offers and discounts for members, and other data of
interest to Lee-homonymic surname researchers. 

For more information on the HLS, click on the About Us tab at the top of the page.  For Becoming a Member, hit that
tab.  If you're already a member, just click on the Members Only tab, enter your name and password, and explore the
databases.  Non members can also use the Links and Contact tabs.

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Latest News
Great things are happening at the HLS!   We just aren't always that diligent about reporting them here,
but hopefully that will be changing.  Here's some news you can use:

- Current officers of the HLS are Nancy Royce, President; Hardy Pottinger, VP; HB Lee, Jr., Treasurer;
and, Melinda Pabst, Secretary.  Dennis Lee continues to act as the Web Administrator.  David Lee
continues to act as the FTDNA Lee YDNA Group Administrator.

- The 2019 Annual Meeting will be held in New Albany, IN (Louisville, KY suburb) at the Best Western
over the weekend of May 18.  As per previous years, most people will arrive in town sometime
Thursday, we'll have social and genealogical visits and gatherings on Friday and breakout subgroup
sessions on Friday night, and the business meeting on Saturday, followed by the Annual Dinner. 
Marcia Lee Harlow and Prez Nancy have been working hard putting this together, and we look to see
you all there!

- Dennis Lee has been working hard with an outside consultant to resurrect and revamp the YDNA
Database here on the website.  Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, our innovative and very
useful YDNA database engine shut down over a year ago.  It is just now back up to speed.  Go to the
MEMBERS ONLY page and hit the YDNA Study link to experiment.  The database contains current data
from the FTDNA Lee YDNA Group and the archived data from the old Ancestry Lee YDNA Study, plus
some miscellaneous entries.  We believe it to be the most comprehensive compilation of
Lee/Lea/Leigh YDNA profiles in the world.  If you wish to contact any of the participants, you must
contact David Lee at, and he will make arrangements.  We do this to keep the
private and other contact info for the partipants protected.

- We have a Facebook page!  Please join up and invite any other members to do so, as well.  If you need
an invitation, contact Carol Lee Vickery or Dennis Lee.  You can reach either via Facebook messaging,
or Dennis via

- VP Hardy Pottinger has sent out the annual renewal notices for 2019 dues.  Pay up, you slackers!

- David Lee continues to recover from his brain surgery.  It is rumored that doctors verified that one
was in there.  Gladys, Jack, and Elmo Lee all survived the recent hurricane that pretty much tore apart
their area of NC.