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New Stuff
We are continuing to build this website and adding new stuff periodically.  Notable new adds include: a copy of the recently adopted bylaws, a YDNA page, a link to all known YDNA data, a file manager system and some data files under it.
Welcome to The Henry Lee Society
The Henry Lee Society (HLS) is a genealogical organization devoted to the Lee and similar surnames.  We have open
membership and encourage you to join, becoming one of the largest and most devoted communities of researchers in
the world.  Membership advantages include invitation to the Annual Meeting, held at various points of interest in the
USA each spring, as well as access to the Members Only section of this website which includes databases of raw and
processed research, contact information for members, special offers and discounts for members, and other data of
interest to Lee-homonymic surname researchers. 

For more information on the HLS, click on the About Us tab at the top of the page.  For Becoming a Member, hit that
tab.  If you're already a member, just click on the Members Only tab, enter your name and password, and explore the
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Latest News
It's been a hard couple years for all of us, but the HLS is getting operational again.  We lost our dear Secretary, Melinda Pabst, to the COVID pandemic.  We all mourn her and send our best wishes to Trudie, JJ, and the rest of their clan.  Melinda will be missed.

- Current officers of the HLS are Nancy Royce, President; Hardy Pottinger, VP; HB Lee, Jr., Treasurer.  Dennis
Lee continues to act as the Web Administrator.  David Lee continues to act as the FTDNA Lee YDNA Group
Administrator with help from Dennis Lee, Cynthia Forde, and Carol Vickery.  Dennis is looking to vacate
his role, so we are seeking a member to take over that job.

- The 2021 Annual Meeting is being planned currently, and given the loss of Melinda, will not be in
Cartersville, GA.  The idea of going to Salt Lake City this year has been proposed, and is being debated.
As per previous years, most people will arrive in town sometime Thursday, we'll have social and genealogical visits and gatherings on Friday and breakout subgroup sessions on Friday night, and the business meeting on Saturday, followed by the Annual Dinner. 

- The YDNA database continues to expand and remain open to the public, but this will change shortly as
the database is a significant value adder for the HLS.  Dennis is working with an outside consultant to
modify the website to make some data on it restricted to HLS members only.  Stay tuned for details.  You
should begin to see massive changes to the website beginning now.  In fact, editing this news post was one
of the first actions of the updating project.

- We have a Facebook page!  Please join up and invite any other members to do so, as well.  If you need
an invitation, contact Carol Lee Vickery.  You can reach her via Facebook messaging.

- Cynthia Forde has completed a vast and expensive (she funded many YDNA tests) analysis of the Lea
families arising from Leasburg, NC.  Contact her for full info, or watch for postings on this website.

- Carol Vickery, David Lee, Alex Lee, and others continue to hammer away at the JLN family, both in terms
of finding there antecedents in England and in separating out the descendant lines.  They are becoming
quite adept at using YFull and the Big Y test.

- HB Lee, Becky Owens, and others are doing the same for the JLX line.

Nov 10