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New Stuff
We are continuing to build this website and adding new stuff periodically.  Notable new adds include: a copy of the recently adopted bylaws, a YDNA page, a link to all known YDNA data, a file manager system and some data files under it.
Welcome to The Henry Lee Society
The Henry Lee Society (HLS) is a genealogical organization devoted to the Lee and similar surnames.  We have open
membership and encourage you to join, becoming one of the largest and most devoted communities of researchers in
the world.  Membership advantages include invitation to the Annual Meeting, held at various points of interest in the
USA each spring, as well as access to the Members Only section of this website which includes databases of raw and
processed research, contact information for members, special offers and discounts for members, and other data of
interest to Lee-homonymic surname researchers. 

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Latest News
It has been some time since we have updated this page, but it isn't because things aren't happening. 
Here's a summary of what has happened since the last update and what will soon be happening.

- David Lee and Dennis Lee, our Prez and VP, have been made co-administrators of the FTDNA Lee
Family Project.  This essentially continues David's work (and before that, Clint Lee's) in being central to
YDNA testing for all Lees, Leighs, Leas, and similar surnames.  The database has grown immensely,
and can be reached via this website.  The difference between the HLS database and the FTDNA one is
that ALL YDNA data we have accumulated is in the HLS database.  Only FTDNA-provided data is in the
FTDNA database.

- Dennis recently attended the Annual Genetic Genealogy Conference hosted by FTDNA in Houston. 
Little did he know, fellow HLS member Tom Howland would also be attending.  Dennis will report on
some of the information he gleaned there to the membership at the Annual Meeting in April.

- The Annual Meeting will be the weekend of April 28 in Savannah, GA.  The meetings will be at the
Doubletree Airport hotel and meals and other events will be around town.  The general agenda is this:
arrival on Thursday, cultural and genealogy events on Friday, an informal dinner on Friday night,
group meetings after the dinner, the business meeting of the HLS on Saturday, the annual dinner on
Saturday night, departure on Sunday.  Rooms will be available at a discount over the usual rate. 
Details to be emailed and posted in the coming months.

- Matt Lee has been working hard documenting the sons and grandsons of JLN.

- David Lee and Tom Howland have been working with resources in England to backtrack JLN's
forebears there.  Because of a YDNA match with a Leigh line out of there, David and Tom are working
to connect those lines.

- The HLS has financed and managed the YDNA test of a representative of the Henry Lee of MA line. 
This line was rumored to connect to the Lee of VA line back in England.  Results, however, are
inconclusive.  The Henry Lee of MA representative matches no Lees in the YDNA database;  a NPE
(Non-parental event) is suspected.

- We have also been working with Rev. Cynthia Lea, a new HLS member and a leading Lea family
researcher, to document all of the lines that match the Lea of Caswell profile.  It turns out that ALL of
these lines can be traced back to the various Leas in Caswell Co, NC.  This has resulted in some changes
in the posted ancestors for those lines.